So-CalchallengeLogoSecond season of United States Rotax Max Challenge program ready for another successful year.
 (November 21, 2014) – The inaugural So-Cal Rotax Challenge season completed in October, and plans for the second year are already underway. United States Rotax Max Challenge racing is at an all-time high, with hundreds of racers across the country taking part in what is quickly becoming the largest category in the sport, crowning the world champions at the Rotax Grand Finals every year. Drivers in southern California have the opportunity to qualify through to the 2015 ‘Olympics of Karting’ and it all begins at the So-Cal Rotax Challenge.

“I am pleased with the numbers from the first year of the So-Cal Rotax Challenge. Our series was the first in the United States Rotax Max Challenge program to register 50 members and at the end of the year, we were in the top three for overall members. This bodes well for a first year program and I look forward to double digit growth in 2015. Local Rotax racing has been a part of Southern California karting for almost 15 years and will be here for quite some time. The Rotax engine is still the most popular touch and go powerplant in Southern California, as there are far more Rotax engines in the market than most of the others combined. While other programs add and eliminate engines to promote their own agendas, the Rotax program just keeps moving forward. I am pleased to be able to give those customers a place to race.”

So-Cal Rotax Challenge is scheduled for six rounds in 2015, contested at two popular facilities right in the heart of the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Two events, including the opening round in February is set for the Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside. One of the historic circuits in the sport, Adams challenges drivers to push the limits and test their talents around the same layout that many of current karting and motorsports stars honed their skills. Both events will run in conjunction with the SoCal Sprinters organization, bringing together more racers together and opening up the Rotax Max Challenge to karters who may not be familiar. The second course included on the 2015 program is the CalSpeed Karting Center in Fontana.

“This year’s schedule works around Rotax programs across the country, including the Rotax Challenge of the Americas, the United States Rotax Grand Nationals, and other major events in 2015,” commented Seesemann.  There is too much racing during the months of March and April, so there will be a gap between our February and May events. We make up for it with a double header in June, followed by events in August and October. You can not have two better circuits then Adams and CalSpeed. The second race at Adams will be at night, giving our racers the unique opportunity to compete under the lights. With CalSpeed, that facility gives us the opportunity to run a different layout each time, keep the competitors and teams on their toes. That includes the ‘2 Days, 2 Ways’ format in June. The first day will be in one direction, and the next round will contest the same layout but in the opposite direction. This will keep the drivers and mechanics on their toes all weekend.”

2015 So-Cal Rotax Challenge Schedule
February 28: Adams Motorsports Park – Riverside, California (with SoCal Sprinters)
May 9: CalSpeed Karting Center – Fontana, California
June 20-21: CalSpeed Karting Center – Fontana, California
August 22: Adams Motorsports Park – Riverside, California (with SoCal Sprinters)
October 25: CalSpeed Karting Center – Fontana, California

New for the 2015 season is the addition of Briggs & Stratton LO206 Senior category to the Local Options class roster. This spec 4-Cycle engine program is a very reliable, and affordable, which offers exciting racing for new racers and veterans alike. Should interest grow, the addition of a LO206 Junior and LO206 Cadet divisions may be added during the year. Honda Kid Kart will continue to be part of the series in 2015.

Seesemann concluded, “This program is a great low cost entry point into karting that we desperately need. We can’t draw new people into our sport if every race they go to has a $1,000 entry fee and $2,000 pitspots. While those races have a place at the top of the pyramid, the base needs to be as affordable as possible to attract new racers. That is the mission and goal of the So-Cal Rotax Challenge.”

For all information regarding the So-Cal Rotax Challenge, be sure to bookmark the RotaxChallenge.com website and view extra on the program’s Facebook page.