Business as usual for Challenge of the Americas in Sonoma.

For Immediate Release, March 31st, 2017

As you might have seen news has been released this morning regarding the dissolution of the relationship between MaxSpeed Group and BRP/Rotax. While this news is big and will impact the Challenge of the Americas in the future, it will not impact the upcoming race at Simraceway next weekend.

Many have already called, texted and emailed regarding this announcement, and my comments regarding the event itself are simple. I have no comment until further details are released to me and those involved in the business of Rotax karting in the US.

I do have comments regarding this news and how it relates to our upcoming race.


My focus today is the same that it was in November, and frankly, the same as has been during the winter months each year since 2008. I am focussed on organizing a high quality, fair, competitive, drama free, family friendly and fun event for karters to come enjoy and race. That is where my energy is being spent today, and for the next 10 days.

We still have three Grand Finals tickets to award to our Jr. Max, Sr. Max and Masters champions. We still have two US Nationals tickets to award to our champions in MicroMax and MiniMax. We still have a purse on the line for our LO206 Sr. class and a $500 bonus if the race is won by a racer that hasn’t raced LO206 with us this year. We will still give away over $1000 in swag and tires at our driver’s meeting. We still value all our customers, teams and sponsors that continue to support us during these interesting times.

As for what the future of the Challenge of the Americas is, I have no clear idea today. What I do know is that I will sit down after April 9th and start planning for 2018 and beyond. What I do know is that after 10 years, the Challenge of the Americas is a respected name in the sport of karting in the US and the World. What I do know is that the Challenge of the Americas events are loved by competitors and teams and continues to set a standard in the sport of karting. What I do know is that karting is my passion, my staff’s passion, and the passion of our loyal competitors, teams and sponsors. What I do know is that our race next weekend is not the last hurrah, but the end of one chapter of our storybook and the start of a new one.

Regards, Andy Seesemann