Challenge of the Americas Offers ‘Crazy Andy’ Sale for CalSpeed

ROK GP and Mini ROK engine and entry deals for second event of series

The ROK Cup USA Challenge of the Americas opened up the 2020 season in Tucson, Arizona at the Musselman Honda Circuit on January 24-26. A total of 107 entries competed in the 10 categories, featuring a staggering 35 shifterkart entries. Numbers are expected to increase across the board for the second event of the series, set for February 21-23 at CalSpeed Karting in Fontana, California. The 2019 edition saw a record high of entries under the ROK Cup USA banner.

Factors surrounding the entry total in certain categories were the graduation of Cadet drivers to Junior, and Junior drivers moving to the Shifter Senior ROK category. To help fill the gap of the graduating drivers, Challenge promoter Andy Seesemann is providing a combination sale for the ROK GP and Mini ROK engines.

“The numbers from 2019 to 2020 in Tucson grew overall by 10%,” stated Andy Seesemann, Challenge of the Americas promoter. “This was our second event over the 100-mark since we joined the ROK Cup USA program in 2018, backing up our continued growth. There is always room to grow, and I hope this deal is the perfect way to get people on the fence to jump on board with us.”

Any karter who did not compete at the Challenge event in Tucson has the opportunity to take part in the ‘Crazy Andy’ deal by purchasing a ROK engine and entry to the CalSpeed event at a reduced cost. Senior, Junior and Master drivers can receive a new ROK GP engine and Challenge of the Americas entry for CalSpeed at a rate of $2,999. A $1,999 package for Mini and Micro drivers includes a brand new Mini ROK engine and entry to the CalSpeed weekend.

“Our goal since we moved to the ROK format was building the Cadet numbers,” added Seesemann. “We did that in 2019 and for the opening event of 2020, established a solid group of Junior drivers in Tucson thanks to a handful of Cadets moving up and new faces to the field. This deal is the opportunity for new karters, or those not familiar with what the Challenge and the ROK Cup USA program, to ‘ROK’ with us. Originally, I wanted to focus on just the Cadet categories but had the crazy idea of also giving the deal to Senior, Junior and Master drivers looking to jump on to the growing program.”

The ‘Crazy Andy’ deal is available now, with a February 10 deadline for this special offer. To register for the ‘Crazy Andy’ deal for Micro, Mini, Junior, Senior and Master, visit the Challenge CalSpeed pre-entry page. Be sure to select the correct category with the ‘Crazy Andy’ name. All other competitors can also register for the CalSpeed event, which will remain open until February 14.