CRC – FKC CalSpeed Event Supplemental Rules

For the August 31/Sept 1 event.

CRC Class list:
TaG Mini.   MiniRok and MiniSwift.   Weight 245lbs.   
TaG Sr.      Rok GP and Iame X30.  Rok GP 365lbs, X30 350lbs.
TaG Masters:  Rok GP and Iame X30.  Rok GP 400lbs, X30 385lbs.
Rok Shifter Sr.   Standard Rok rules apply.
Rok Shifter Masters.  Standard Rok rules apply.

FKC Classes will included all 100cc classes and Open Shifter.

All CRC classes will utilize the Bridgestone YLR tires, as purchased through the entry form.

Tires must be new and unscuffed for qualifying.  The same set of tires must be used for all competitive elements, from qualifying through the final race.  

Tech for all FKC classes will be done by CRC personnel, utilizing FKC rules.