CRC PKRA Covid 19 Guidelines

CRC PKRA Covid 19 Guidelines

We understand that some of these items may be inconvenient, but these are the rules set forth by the County, which controls the land on which PKRA resides. We must follow their rules in order to have our event and although our rules may be a bit stricter than a PKRA club race, we cannot take any risks that will put the CRC or PKRA in a bad position going forward. We encourage everyone to look at the PKRA guidelines HERE. Obviously much of that doesn’t apply to us, but you can see the issues and success they have had implementing their return to racing.

All racers and crew are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing as best they can. Please wash your hands frequently. Drivers will be asked to spread out for any drivers meetings, distancing as best they can, and there will not be big podium ceremony, although there will be trophies and awards to be picked up at the end of the day.

These guidelines have been created to limit close interaction and encourage traffic to flow in one direction.

All Entries must be online. We will not have the ability to accept entries at the track. The online entry will close on June 12th. Please enter online ahead of time. We cannot reopen the entry once it closes.

Each entry will be able to have one pitpass for a mechanic/helper. In the event the driver is a minor, an additional pitpass can be requested for a parent. The county requires that there will be no spectators in the paddock and we limit the total number of participants at the event. The County was at the first PKRA event in May and took account of the number of people on site, therefore we must be strict with these limitations

Check-in will be done through the registration window, with all driver packets, paperwork and wristbands being passed one way. There will be no returning of items through the window.

All members of each party must come to registration at the same time. There will be no “will calling” of wristbands. All bands for each driver and crew will be in their envelope and must be signed for and be self placed on each wrist when the driver comes to registration.

Only one crew member will be allowed on the grid with their driver and the grid traffic will be arranged to flow only one way as best we can. Races cannot be view from the grid, but can be viewed from the bleachers or ground in the adjacent pen.

All pit spaces for teams and drivers will be required to have one empty space between the next team or driver. No cars or tow vehicles may be parked in these empty spaces. They need to remain empty and vehicles must be parked in the outer parking lot. All sponsors will occupy the front row spots. There is no charge for pit spots, but we ask that everyone be economical with their needs since we are losing spaces due to the distancing rules. Please contact Andy at to make special requests if you need a large space, etc. Individual drivers do not need to do so and will be parked as they arrive.