CRC Season Finale with Formula Karting Championship

For the finale, we will combine with the Formula Karting Championship for fun, family friendly and competitive end of the Summer event.  

We will run the CRC format, which includes 4 rounds of practice, followed by qualifying on Saturday.  On Sunday, we will have a morning warmup, followed by 2 heat races and a final race.  

Practice Schedule HERE
Race Day Schedule HERE

CRC classes:
TaG Mini
TaG Sr.
TaG Masters
Rok Shifter
Rok Shfiter Masters
Pre Registration for CRC Classes is CLOSED Please Enter at the Track Saturday.

(No Micro, no Rok GP Jr.)

For this event, we would like to invite our Iame friends to come join the party. We will run a TaG Mini Class, with both the MiniRok and Mini Swift, for ages 8-12.   We will run both engines at 245lbs.  Rok Cup USA and WKA Engine Tech Rules apply. Winners earn a ticket to Rok the Rio.

For the TaG Sr and TaG Masters classes, we will run the Rok GP and the Iame X30 engine.  The weight rules will be slightly different in the interest of parity.  For TaG Sr, the Rok GP will run at 365lbs and the Iame X30 will run at 350lbs.   For TaG Masters, the Rok GP will run at 400lbs and the X30 will run at 385lbs.  These weights should give us the best competitive balance for the class.  Rok Cup USA and WKA engine tech rules apply. Winners earn a ticket to Rok the Rio.

Based on our prior participation numbers, the champions of Mini, 100c Sr, GP Sr, Rok Shifter Sr. and Rok Shifter Masters will all earn tickets to the Rok the Rio. In addition, the winners of this event in TaG Mini, 100cc Jr, 100cc Sr, 100cc Masters, TaG Sr, TaG Masters, Rok Shifter Sr. and Rok Shifter Masters will also earn tickets. Any ticket earned by a competitor who already possesses one will be given to the next eligible racer. The series will manage this. Tickets cannot be sold or transferred by the competitors to another.

Cadet, 125cc TaG and Rok Shifter classes will utilize the Bridgestone YLR tire, as purchased through the entry form.

Reminder that competitors supply their own fuel and oil, which is specified as VP C12 with Motul Kart Prix oil.  

On Saturday night, we will have a free barbecue for all competitors, mechanics, family members and fans.  

Special prizes will be awarded at this awesome event.  Annoucements coming soon……