Information for February Calspeed Event

The first two rounds of the Gatorz Challenge of the Americas had a bleak outlook as trailers and rigs began to arrive in Phoenix on Thursday night, with heavy rain in the area and with Flood Control enforcing mandatory evacuations each evening. It cannot be said enough how hard and dilligently the entire staff at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association, as well as the staff and teams of the Gatorz Challenge of the Americas, worked to create a safe and fun racing experience for our series. Many thanks to our drivers and teams who supported us in Phoenix despite the difficult conditions.

Hopefully the rain will not be a factor at rounds three and four at the Calspeed Karting Center, scheduled for February 24-26. We had several new teams and racers join us in Phoenix and expect to see many more in Fotnana.  Some things to keep in mind for our event in Fontana:

– There will be no host hotel for Calspeed. There are lots of area hotels to choose from that are 10 minutes from the track, around the Ontario Mills and the Ontario airport.
– There will be an option Thursday practice offered on the entry form, and it will run 1pm-5pm.
– There is camping available at Calspeed and, this time, we won’t have to move out every night. However, Auto Club Speedway charges a fee for camping to cover the security, so will be a camping fee on the entry form as well.
– The entry form for Calspeed will be up the website by tomorrow morning.