ROK the PARC Set for July 14-16 Weekend


For ROK racers on the West Coast, every new season launches with the opening rounds of the Challenge of the Americas. Andy Seesemann and his FTK Promotions staff produce fantastic race weekends that focus on an enjoyable atmosphere and clockwork events, and the series is always a resounding success. For 2023, Seesemann is continuing to evolve his annual summer event, which will once again bring drivers to one of the legendary circuits in the United States – the Pat’s Acres Racing Complex. The PARC, as it’s been commonly referred to for over two decades, is a challenging track laid out within a gorgeous park-like setting. This year’s ‘ROK the PARC’ is set for the July 14-16 and promises to be one of the most enjoyable events on the West Coast in 2023.

Over the last four summers, Seesemann has responded to ROK racers and teams asking for summer events so that they can keep competing with their Vortex engines packages. A California ROK Championship program was formed in 2019, and that series eventually evolved into a single-race program in 2022 to deal with the increasingly packed schedules on the West Coast. In 2021, the California ROK Championship expanded outside its name to run an event at Pat’s Acres, and the result was a tremendously fun weekend, enjoyed by all. The success of that race kept the summer event focus on the Oregon facility for 2022, and this has led to the evolution into the ‘ROK the PARC’ event.

Pat’s Acres Racing Complex (Photo: PARC)

The event will offer classes a total of eight categories on the weekend. ROK Shifter, ROK Shifter Masters and the new OK-N will be similar categories found at the Challenge that will be part of ‘ROK the PARC’, along with the Junior, Senior and Masters 100cc divisions. A TaG Cadet division will feature both ROK and IAME Swift engines combined into one class – at the same weight – offered for the youngest drivers at the event. Seesemann will also be adding a KZ shifter category at the urging of many drivers and teams.

The event schedule will focus on loads of track time, with a single winner-take-all main event on Sunday. Friday features the official practice day followed by an evening festival hosted by Pat’s Acres Racing Complex. Saturday features qualifying and three rounds of heat races. The Prefinal and Final for each of the eight classes will be contested on Sunday. The fun will not be limited to the track either, with a lot in the works to make this a truly enjoyable event, not just a race.

“Dry camping at the track is available all week long for racers and their families, and we encourage people to camp out at the track,” Seesemann added. “As a series, we spend a lot of time at tracks in the Southwest. This is a great opportunity to see trees and a track with green grass. For those of you who have never been to this iconic facility, there is a river that runs around the property that is perfect for a summertime tube float. The track will have their rental kart fleet running in the evenings as daylight permits, and we’re confirming a live band for Friday night once practice is wrapped. We’re focused on making this an event, not just a race.”

The lower pits (ie. the grass area) are open pitting for competitors, while the asphalt pits up top adjacent to the track itself are for teams and sponsors who pre-arrange for premier pit placement. All pit spots and camping passes must be purchased through Pat’s Acres. More details surrounding the facility, pre-event practice and reserve your spot for the paddock and camping can be found at the following LINK.

Friday, July 14 will be the first official day on track for the ROK the PARC event and will continue into the evening. The ROK the PARC Driver’s Meeting will be the opening act for the Friday night concert program hosted by Pat’s Acres Racing Complex, featuring Atomic Age Renegades. All event attendees are invited to the show. Bring a chair and enjoy the evening to kick off ROK the PARC!