So-Cal Challenge Postpones Season Opener in Support for this Weekend’s CalSpeed Event.

So-CalchallengeLogo2015Fullerton, CA. 2-18-15 – The SoCal Challenge series regrets to announce that they are postponing the upcoming race on February 28th at Adams Motorsports Park. Due to the recent changes with the LAKC/CalSpeed relationship, the Southern California karting community is in a state of flux right now and the support for the upcoming race at CalSpeed takes precedence. “Many of us have come together to run the race this weekend at CalSpeed,” explains So-Cal Challenge promoter Andy Seesemann. “Rob Niles and his staff led by Mike Smith, as well as myself and my Challenge of the Americas/SoCal Challenge staff led by Taylor Jocelyn, are pooling our efforts to provide a good venue for Southern California club racers to kick off their 2015 season. As all of my energy this week will be devoted to organizing the race at CalSpeed, something had to give.  Without the necessary prep time to ensure a successful SoCal opener, I regretfully have to postpone it.”

For 2015 the SoCal Challenge features all 6 Rotax categories, as well as the very popular Honda KidKart class.  New for this year are MiniRok, Rok Shifter and the new entry level Briggs and Stratton LO206.  This combination of classes offers something for almost everyone in a well-organized race day with lots of laps.

“We are very happy with the classes offered this season at the So-Cal Challenge,” tells Seesemann. “The addition of the Rok classes gives MiniRok owners a venue to continue to race an engine that has part of the Southern California karting landscape for several years.” OTK USA has offered two MiniRok International Finals spots to help promote the class for 2015.  “Rok shifter will give gearbox racers another option as well, racing a shifter engine that is designed for karting and the class champion will earn a spot at the Rok International Finals.”

One of the most anticipated classes this year is the LO206. The Local Option 206 is new to the area, but has been gaining momentum coast to coast as a cost effective entry level racing package. “LO206 is a great platform with the new racer in mind. With a simple engine package that is less than $1000 brand new, it is perfect for new kart racers to get their start in our sport.”

The next scheduled SoCal Challenge race will be held May 9th at the CalSpeed Kart Track. For the most current information go to or watch our facebook page