So-Cal Rotax Challenge Adds LO206, MiniRok, and Rok Shifter to 2015 Class Structure.

rokkerSo-CalchallengeLogo2015 will see the very cost effective LO206 added to the So-Cal Challenge program. This low cost class is a perfect entry into the world of competitive karting and provides drivers with an opportunity to race without breaking the bank. The LO206 program is taking off all over the country, and its close racing is drawing drivers ranging in skill levels from rookies to Team USA Rotax veterans. “This program is a great low cost entry point into karting that is desperately needed.” Tells FTK Promotions Andy Seesemann. “Drawing new people into the sport isn’t possible if every race they go to has a $1,000

LO206 in action at the Rotax Cam-Am event at Pat’s Acres. The LO206 class saw tremendous growth in 2014.

entry fee and $2,000 pitspots. While those races have a place at the top of the pyramid, the base needs to be as affordable as possible to attract new racers. That is the mission and goal of the So-Cal Rotax Challenge, and the LO206 is a great package to facilitate our purpose.”

“We are adding MiniRok to our 2015 class structure,” explains Seesemann. “ROK USA invested heavily in the West Coast over the past several years to build the program for another group, and was unceremoniously shown the door. While everyone knows me as a “Rotax guy”, I felt that I needed to provide a place for MiniRok owners to compete. I feel for the club racer that saved up to purchase one of these engines to be able to compete in a popular class in Southern California after being assured that there would be a class for them to run in.” OTK USA has offered two MiniRok International Finals spots to help promote the class for 2015 and is sure to draw some of the best drivers on the left coast.
Finally, So-Cal Challenge is adding the Rok Shifter to their lineup. This purpose built engine was designed specifically for karting and offers drivers a different experience in shifter kart racing. “OTK USA is really behind the growth of the Rok Shifter program,” tells Seesemann. “OTK USA will award the series champion a spot at the 2015 Rok International Finals.”

More information will be forthcoming, as the start of So-Cal Challenge 2015 series gets closer. First round is scheduled for February 28th at Adams Motorsports Park with the So-Cal Sprinters Kart Club. For the most current information go to