Supplemental Regulations V20231.2

2023 Challenge of the Americas Supplemental Regulations as of 2/15/2023

This document will serve to highlight a few items as well as supplement the Rok Rules document.  Anything outlined in this document will supercede all others.

Fuel will be Sunoco Supreme 112 Leaded fuel.

Oil will be ENI Kart 2T Racing Oil

Slick tires will be LeVanto KRT tires.
4.5/4.5 for MiniRok.
4.5/7.1 for all other classes.

Rain tires
Bridgestone YLP tires 4.5/10-5 for MiniRok
All other classes will be LeVanto WET tires.  4.2 front/6.0 rear.

IAME KA100 allowed in all 100cc classes. 

Please see class list for minimum weights per engine.

MiniRok will no longer utilize the Del’Lorto PHBG 18 carburetor. 
The new MANDATORY carburetor for the MiniRok engine is the Tillotsen HW-48A with Rok markings (Rok p/n WHW-48A).  Inlet manifold to be utlilized is Rok p/n W7072303000100.  Intake gasket is mandatory. 

Junior Shifter Rok
Junior Shifter Rok will utilize the Rok Shifter Engine, along with the Junior Shifter restricted exhaust manifold.  Rok p/n W7002463300300.

Anything not discussed in this document regarding the OK-N class will revert to the CIK-FIA Regulations regarding OK-N.  These rules can be found at:

Race Day Tire & Engines Check In
As the Challenge of the Americas has two separate race days per weekend, there will be one set of tires allowed per competition day and two engines allowed to be checked in per weekend per the normal regulations. Slick tires must be new and unscuffed when presented for qualifying each day.  MiniRok must present with new and unscuffed tires for qualifying on Saturday. 

OK-N class will be open to all homologated engines.
Homologation engine fiches:

Carburetor type will be a 24mm butterfly carburetor, homologated for OK-N, as prescribed by CIK-FIA regulations.

Engine Silencers
Engines must be fitted with an intake silencer homologated by the CIK-FIA.  Silencer will be the two duct type with 23mm maximum diameter per duct. 

Exhaust type will be homologated mono-type as prescribed by CIK-FIA regulations.

Ignition will be homologated by the CIK-FIA and of the digital type, non-programmable, with an integrated rev limiter at 15,000 rpm maximium.

The list of homologated equipment is posted at:

*****Additional supplemental regulations may be posted at the beginning of each race weekend.

*****Event supplemental regulations will be posted at the track on the official posting board.