Re: Cylinder, Ignition, Tester

The 2016 United States Rotax MAX Challenge has issued a bulletin that has been posted on the GoRotax.com Rules & Regulations page.

The bulletin is noted as:

BULLETIN 2016-3b

IMPLEMENTATION: December 15, 2016

This bulletin has been issued to introduce new parts from Rotax, which will be allowed for the Florida Winter Tour and the Challenge of the Americas. As both series use the 2016 technical rules, this bulletin was necessary to modify the 2016 regulations.

Also updated are the 2016 USRMC technical regulations which includes the elements of the bulletin 2016-3b.

It is the team’s/competitor’s responsibility to know and understand the rules. Please take a moment to read this bulletin as well as familiarize yourself with the complete rulebook prior to your next event. If you have any questions in regards to the rules and/or this bulletin, please contact the MAXSpeed Group offices.

Best regards,
Andy Seesemann
United States Rotax MAX Challenge Director

Download Bulletin (831KB .pdf file)