Free set of Mojo tires and cash rebate for new Rotaxians racing the inaugural So-Cal Rotax Challenge program

So-CalchallengeLogoORANGE, CA (December 11, 2013) – The 2013 season was a very busy and successful year for the Rotax community in the United States. The many US Rotax Max Challenge programs throughout the country welcomed new and old faces to the program, all racing to be part of the US Rotax Grand Nationals held this past year in North Carolina. Many Americans performed well at the Pan-American Challenge in October, leading to the best results ever for Team USA at the Rotax Grand Finals this past November in New Orleans. There is no better time then now to become part of the Rotax family, with the new So-Cal Rotax Challenge and the MAXSpeed Group providing some great incentives for would-be racers to make the jump today. Continue reading

EKN One-on-One: COTA’s Andy Seesemann

Constant improvement is the focus of growing Rotax winter series

Andy Seesemann

Andy Seesemann readies for 2014 COTA and his new So Cal Rotax Challenge

With all eyes of the global Rotax community on the Grand Finals at NOLA Motorsports Park, and so many racers tuning into our Trackside coverage here on, this is a perfect time for us to have a look at one of the Rotax programs that will highlight to so-called ‘off-season’ on North American karting.  The Rotax Challenge of the Americas is a winter series on a continual rise, thanks to a perfect mix of heated competition and an enjoyable paddock atmosphere.  The series offers direct Grand Finals tickets to its champions in DD2, DD2 Masters, Senior Max and Junior Max, and the class entry lists have been growing steadily, topping 125 drivers at last year’s opener.  In 2014, the series will visit Tuscon and Phoenix before capping the three-weekend run at Simraceway in Sonoma, California.  As part of our continuing support of the Rotax program, EKN’s Rob Howden sat down with Challenge of the Americas’ promoter Andy Seesemann to discuss the upcoming edition of the series. Continue reading


Eight round series from March to October to serve as official United States Rotax Max Challenge program for Southern California

So-CalchallengeLogoORANGE, CA (November 20, 2013) – Andy Seesemann is one of the early supporters of the Rotax Max Challenge here in the United States some 15 years ago. The promoter of the Rotax Challenge of the Americas and owner of Full Throttle Karting continues to promote the brand and Rotax races throughout the continent. Previously, Seesemann coordinated the southern California US Rotax Max Challenge program – Gatorz Karting Cup – which helped to groom many of the top Rotaxians today. Stepping away a few years ago, Seesemann as returned to help bolster what has become a struggling region for the Rotax program. With that, the So-Cal Rotax Challenge has been created. Continue reading

Micro MAX and Mini MAX in Support at The Rotax Grand Finals!

The MAXSpeed Group is very pleased to officially announce the presence of the Micro MAX and Mini MAX categories at the 2013 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF).

logo_rmcgf_MM_nola_2013_300The US Rotax MAX Challenge Director, Josh Smith, had this to say about the announcement, “With the Grand Finals coming to the United States in 2013, this was our opportunity to bring the entire Rotax family together. In doing this, we are creating an environment for the youngest drivers in the North American Rotax community to experience firsthand an event that is truly unique in the world. In addition, this is great for spectators too because the Micro and Mini MAX races are always fun to watch.” Continue reading


CotALogo2013Number of karting companies show their support for 2013 series beginning in two weeks

ORANGE, CA (December 28, 2012) – In just two weeks, the journey toward the 2013 Rotax Grand Finals in New Orleans begins as one of the first Rotax Max Challenge programs opens the new season – Rotax Challenge of the Americas. The Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson, Arizona will host the top drivers from across North America on January 11-13 as they contest the opening two rounds of the international Rotax series, where four of the class champions will be awarded with a ticket to the ‘Olympics of Karting’ set for November of 2013. Continue reading