Supplemental Regulations V2024.1

Race Day Tire & Engines Check In
As the Challenge of the Americas has two separate race days per weekend, there will be one set of tires allowed per competition day, one set per weekend for 60cc Cadet, and two engines allowed to be checked in per weekend per the normal regulations.  Engines do not have to be of the same manufacturer.  Slick tires must be new and unscuffed when presented for qualifying each day.  60cc Cadet must present with new and unscuffed tires for qualifying on Saturday and Saturday’s used tires for Sunday.

Claim Rule
The Challenge of the Americas does not have a claim rule. 

Rok Engine Rules can be found here: ROK TECHNICAL REGULATIONS
IAME Engine Rules can be found here: IAME TECHNICAL REGULATIONS
OK-N and KZ Engine Rules can be found here: FIA KARTING

****Additional supplemental regulations may be posted at the beginning of each race weekend.

*****Event supplemental regulations will be posted at the track on the official posting board.