Event Format

Each Challenge of the Americas weekend will consist of a Friday practice day, which is divided into sessions by class.

If necessary, transponders will be used in the final hot pit session of the Friday practice day to set qualifying groups for any classes over 25 entries.  After the session, those classes will be ranked according to fast time.  Group A will be the odd row, P1, P3, P5, etc.  Group B will be the even row, P2, P4, P6, etc.  Groups A and B will be the same qualifying group for both race days.  On Saturday, Group A will be the first group to qualify.  On Sunday it will switch and Group B will be the first group to qualify.

Saturday and Sunday are race days.  Each race day will consist of a warmup session, a qualifying session, a prefinal and a final for each class.

*Lap count will vary depending on the length of the circuit and at the series discretion.
**All classes with fewer than 10 entries may be combined per the series discretion.