2015 Season Comes to a Close for So-Cal Challenge

So-CalchallengeLogo2015Thank you everyone for participating with us at the SoCal Challenge this year.

As you well know, karting had many challenges in 2015 and I am quite relieved that the year is coming to a close.  It started off with California’s largest club and its landlord having a huge disagreement, ended with one promoter scheduling on top of others’  dates, and had several other pitfalls along the way.  As we all know, the Rotax EVO rollout was less than perfect and the political fighting between a few different groups has left a bad taste in the mouths of many.

Thank God its Friday.   (or December).

The good news is that a new year starts up in 4 weeks and the slate is wiped clean.  Therefore, that is what I have to do with the SoCal Challenge, as I am unable to find a suitable date for the October makeup.   So, at this point, the SoCal Challenge schedule is officially finished.  Points will sit as they are, with no drops, so how you see the standings here:   http://www.mylaps.com/en/championships/5308  is how the series will end for 2015.

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So-Cal Challenge Postpones October 25th Season Finale

So-CalchallengeLogo2015September 29th,Orange Ca. FTK Promotions director Andy Seesemann has postponed the So-Cal Challenge season finale race on October 25th, 2015. “We operate our club series with national caliber staff members,” explains Seesemann. “Our race directors, scoring personnel, and tech officials are all integral parts of the Cold Stone US Open team and have to be in Las Vegas for the event setup at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.”

FTK Promotions is looking for an alternate date at the CalSpeed facility to hold the season finale and will make an announcement as soon as one has been found. “We are trying to find a replacement date,” continued Seesemann. “But with the busy season ending calendar, both local and national, it has been difficult task. We apologize for the inconvenience it may cause the racers and teams.”

Watch www.facebook.com/rotaxchallenge or www.rotaxchallenge.com for updated information.

Southern California readies for the start of the 2015 SoCal Challenge

So-CalchallengeLogo2015Now that the 2015 Challenge of the Americas series has concluded it is time for FTK Promotions to focus on local competition. In a little over one month, the

SoCal Challenge will begin its season at the CalSpeed Kart Track on Saturday, May 9th, with a one day event.  It will return to CalSpeed 6 weeks later with a “2 days, 2 ways” format, where the track will be run one direction on Saturday and run the reverse direction on Sunday.  This will be the first time either configuration will be run all year, thus giving no competitors any advantage.  After taking July off, the SoCal Challenge will trek to the World Famous Adams Kart Track for an August 22nd night event to be held in conjunction with the So-Cal Sprinters.  The finale will be held back at CalSpeed on Sunday, October 25th.

“It has been a busy winter for me and it will good to get back to grass roots racing,” says series promoter Andy Seesemann. “I can’t wait to get back to the local tracks and have some low stress races.” Continue reading

So-Cal Challenge Postpones Season Opener in Support for this Weekend’s CalSpeed Event.

So-CalchallengeLogo2015Fullerton, CA. 2-18-15 – The SoCal Challenge series regrets to announce that they are postponing the upcoming race on February 28th at Adams Motorsports Park. Due to the recent changes with the LAKC/CalSpeed relationship, the Southern California karting community is in a state of flux right now and the support for the upcoming race at CalSpeed takes precedence. “Many of us have come together to run the race this weekend at CalSpeed,” explains So-Cal Challenge promoter Andy Seesemann. “Rob Niles and his staff led by Mike Smith, as well as myself and my Challenge of the Americas/SoCal Challenge staff led by Taylor Jocelyn, are pooling our efforts to provide a good venue for Southern California club racers to kick off their 2015 season. As all of my energy this week will be devoted to organizing the race at CalSpeed, something had to give.  Without the necessary prep time to ensure a successful SoCal opener, I regretfully have to postpone it.” Continue reading

So-Cal Rotax Challenge Adds LO206, MiniRok, and Rok Shifter to 2015 Class Structure.

rokkerSo-CalchallengeLogo2015 will see the very cost effective LO206 added to the So-Cal Challenge program. This low cost class is a perfect entry into the world of competitive karting and provides drivers with an opportunity to race without breaking the bank. The LO206 program is taking off all over the country, and its close racing is drawing drivers ranging in skill levels from rookies to Team USA Rotax veterans. “This program is a great low cost entry point into karting that is desperately needed.” Tells FTK Promotions Andy Seesemann. Continue reading