So-Cal Rotax Challenge Classes

So-Cal Rotax Challenge Classes:
Rotax Senior
Rotax Junior
DD2 & DD2 Masters
Rotax Masters
Honda KidKart:  Weight 160lbs, Fuel MS93, Gear 16/89.  Max tire pressure 20psi hot.  Tires Vega FH, Vega SL-3, or Bridgestone YLC.  Age 5-7 HONDA RULES PDF
LO206 Senior:  Weight 360lbs.  Fuel Any Commercially available 87-91 octane pump gas., Gear 16/57 Tires USED Mojo 4.5/7.1 tires.  Must be used to compete. Tech director will approve Used.
MiniRok: Weight 245lbs. Fuel MS98/Motul oil, Tires Bridgestone YLR Rok tire.  4.5/4.5
Rok Shifter: Weight 385lbs. Fuel MS98/Motul oil, Tires Bridgestone YLR Rok tire.  4.5/7.1
All US Rotax classes and rules apply.