So-Cal Rotax Weekend Event Registration

Use the PDF form below or register at track.

Round 3-4 Willow Springs Kart Track pre entry deadline: June 8th, 2014

The upcoming double header race weekend will have a few important changes to format and registration competitors need to be aware of.

1. There is no “official” Friday practice, although the track will have open practice.
2. All competitors may bring their own fuel/oil.
3. KidKarts and KPV1 drivers must bring their own tires as well.

All other competitors (Rotax classes) must purchase one set of tires, which is included in the entry package. MicroMax and MiniMax must run on these tires both days. Tires must be brand new for the qualifying session on Saturday, no scuffing of tires before qualifying is allowed. Yes, I said qualifying. We will qualify before running one heat and main on Saturday. The lap count will be determined at a later date. On Sunday, competitors in Jr. Max, Sr. Max and Masters may run new or used tires. The series will have tires available or you may source them from your favorite shop or team. Sunday’s race format will revert back to the pea pick format of two heats and a main that we’ve used all season.

Once again, tires must be brand new for Saturday’s qualifying session in all Rotax classes. MicroMax and MiniMax must run Saturday tires on Sunday. All other Rotax classes may elect to run new or used tires on Sunday.

Please note that Willow charges a weekend gate fee. This is an entrance fee into the circuit and is not a pass for the karting event. A separate pass must be purchased. Each entry package will include one mechanic pass for the weekend.

Pricing for the double race weekend event:
KidKarts: $249. Includes Sat and Sun raceday, and 1 weekend mechanic pass.

Micro/Mini: $475. Include Sat and Sun raceday, 1 weekend mechanic pass and one set of D1 tires.

Jr.: $510. Includes Sat and Sun raceday, 1 weekend mechanic pass and one set of D1 4.5/7/1 tires.

Sr./Masters. $525. Includes Sat and Sun raceday, 1 weekend mechanic pass and one set of D2 4.5/7/1 tires.

To pay directly by check or credit card, you may do so by printing the Entry Form PDF below and mailing/faxing it to us. The pre-entry deadline still applies, any forms received after the pre-entry deadline will be assessed the late fee. You can also PayPal us using the email and fax/mail in the form.





Entry Form PDF Download

REFUND POLICY: No refunds for pre-entries. For the first or second events, the full amount will be credited to the next event. In the event that the customer wants to cancel for the final event, a $25 cancellation fee will be assessed and the balance credited back.