Special Rotax Bulletin

Rotax Needs Your Stories

The Rotax Program wants to tell your Rotax and Karting related stories. We are looking for short stories about your experiences in the Rotax program. We want to hear about how you got started in Karting and why you run Rotax. We also want to hear about your experiences with kart shops, mechanics, and local racing series. We will be publishing these stories on our website, on ekartingnews, NKN and Go Racing magazines. Do not worry if you are not a writer, we have journalist to proof read the stories. These stories are your chance to share a little about yourself with the Karting community. Here are some idea of topics:

– How I got started racing Rotax Karts
– My best and Worst Karting events
– Stories of your racing season
– The stories of the mechanic that saved your race
– For former US Grand National Winners, Florida Winter Tour, and Challenge of the Americas winners how did you get to the podium
– For former world finals racers what was your international racing experience like at the World Finals

We are open to all stories these are just some ideas. Please make sure you include at least 4 photos with the stories. If you have any question please feel free to contact me: pstevenson@sscracing.com.