As Pre Entry Deadline Looms P1 Engines Adds to 2024 Prize Packages

PRE ENTRY DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT – As entries roll in for our opening event at the Musselman Honda Circuit in two weeks we are still refining the complete 2024 prize package. All awards will be announced in the coming days, but Jesus Vasquez of P1 Engines Inc. just made things more interesting for the larger classes by adding an additional $1500 to the podium haul of any class that averages 30 or more entries for the 6 race series.

There is no catch like having to run a P1 motor, P1 sticker or even saying hi, just generous support of the series. 100cc Junior and 100cc Senior both surpassed that threshold in 2023, and they are on the verge of eclipsing it with one day left to pre enter.

Get your entries in today before the midnight deadline to make sure you have a chance to earn your championship and win a piece of this great prize.

Thank you again to Jesus Vasquez and P1 Engines for his continued support and trust in the Challenge.

Enter now: