Challenge of the Americas Drops OK-N Class in 2024

Challenge of the Americas has confirmed the OK-N category has been dropped from the program due to lack of ‘competitor commitment’.

The class averaged 9 entries over the three events in 2023, and as of today only had 2 pre-entries.

The Challenge kicks off on February 2-4 at the Musselman Honda Circuit, nearing the 80-entry mark for the remaining 6 classes. Three more days remaining for pre-registration.



We knew when we introduced OK-N to the US and the World (Challenge was the first organization to ever hold an OK-N race last February) that it was going to require some work to build the class. Last year we averaged 9 entries in a brand new category before there were 25 engines on the North American continent. We knew that was a great accomplishment and something to build on for 2024. That being said, we are now at an inflection point, where the lack of competitor commitment has placed the class in jeopardy. Notice that I said “commitment” and not “interest”, because there is plenty of interest. Interest is great, but it’s the commitment that tells the story. You can be interested in making a New Years resolution, but until you commit to it, it really doesn’t matter.

Our entry has been open for 42 days. At this point in time, Shea Aldrich is our only entry in the class. Thank you Shea for committing. Also at this point in time, I have had 5 or 6 other non-entered competitors contact me to ask how many entries we had. When I told them zero or one, they entered another class or still had not committed to enter the class.

We all know how this works, numbers build numbers, but conversely lack of numbers breeds a lack of numbers.

Since a half dozen competitors have contacted me about the class, I can predict that there are another half dozen that were on the fence, but had “heard” about the lack of entries. With all of those, we could have a class of 12 or more. A 33% increase over last year.

Instead, we have a class of one.

At this point, just like other organizations with other classes, we have to put OK-N on the chopping block. Our pre-entry closes in 8 days, on January 19th, but we need to have at least 6 more entries by Monday January 15th to offer the class.

REPEAT: We need to have 6 more paid entries in the registration system by Monday January 15th to offer the class. Not a call, not an email, a paid entry in the system. If we cancel the class, we will transfer your entry to another class of your choice.

Enter by the 15th or lose this fantastic class:

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2024 Challenge of the Americas Schedule
February 2-4, 2024: Musselman Honda Circuit (Clockwise) – Tucson, Arizona
March 1-3, 2024: Musselman Honda Circuit (Counter Clockwise) – Tucson, Arizona
April 12-14, 2024: Sonoma Raceway – Sonoma, California


Back-to-back trips to Musselman Honda Circuit to open the winter west coast series

NAMPA, ID (December 8, 2023) – The 2024 Challenge of the Americas is just two months from opening at the Musselman Honda Circuit. The schedule for the 17th season of the winter west coast series has been adjusted for the second stop on the calendar. Issues surrounding the official opening of the K1 Circuit in Winchester, California have forced series officials to move the March 1-3 event to the same Tucson, Arizona facility that will host the season opener.

“This was something we had planned for since forming the 2024 schedule,” stated Andy Seesemann from Challenge of the Americas. “We understand the situation surrounding K1 Circuit and hoped for a change in the positive direction for them to open up prior to our date in March. At this time, we cannot guarantee everything will be in place by then, and thus we have come to the decision to move the event from K1 to Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson. This is to allow our teams and competitors the allotted time to schedule and book travel plans in a timely manner, including our staff and other logistical needs for each race weekend.” Continue reading

Registration Open for 2024 Challenge of the Americas

Three-event program set to begin 17th season of international west coast winter series.

The opening weekend of the Challenge is set for February 2-4, beginning at the Musselman Honda Circuit. The Tucson, Arizona facility has been the opening location for the Challenge in now four of the last five seasons. What has changed for the first two rounds of the 2024 championship will be contesting the 3/4-mile circuit in the clockwise direction for the first time in series history. This will be a great new challenge for those opening up the 2024 championship.


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Challenge of the Americas Moves to Vega Tires

TS Racing owner Tod Spaude, Challenge of the Americas promoter Andy Seesemann and TS Racing General Manager Raymond Seaman locked in the Vega Tires partnership for 2024 and beyond

nternational winter west coast series shifts to world championship brand

The 2024 season for Challenge of the Americas marks a new era for the international winter west coast series. The 17th season for the Challenge will expand to a more open format moving forward, welcoming a new tire manufacturer into the series.

The Challenge of the Americas has signed on with Vega Tires for the 2024 season and beyond. The Vega Green XH4 tire will be utilized in all categories except for Cadet, which will compete on the Red VAH compound. Rain racing will utilize the Vega W6 rain tire. Full Throttle Karting, owned by FTK Promotions’ Andy Seesemann, has been named the Western United States Distributor for Vega Tires.

“To say this is an exciting time for the Challenge would be an understatement,” stated Andy Seesemann of FTK Promotions and Challenge of the Americas. “Over the last 17 years, we’ve had to adjust and move forward with the Challenge based on the current status of the sport. 2024 is one of those transition years as we move to welcome multiple engine formats and bring on Vega Tires as our spec tire. Bringing Vega to the Challenge puts the program on par with elite events around the globe and provides our racers with amazing products. Now with Vega under the Full Throttle Karting operation, it opens the door for us to work with many tracks, clubs and series here in the western half of the country to expand the Vega brand, including the best 4-cycle tire on the market with the Red VAH, now available to those on the west coast.” Continue reading