West coast racers have until July 31 to take advantage and jump on board with ROK Cup USA platform

Owned by Andy Seesemann, Full Throttle Karting is the west coast dealer for Vortex Engine and fulfillment center on the west coast for Bridgestone tires. Seesemann is also the promoter of the international race series Challenge of the Americas. The premier winter series on the left coast is making the transition to the Vortex ROK powerplants, continuing to focus on great customer service and highly competitive championship series.

“It has been a great start with our new partnership with ROK Cup USA and Vortex Engines,” stated Full Throttle Karting owner Andy Seesemann. “I am excited about the new opportunities for both my customers and the Challenge of the Americas in 2018. The engine trade in program is the perfect opportunity for racers to be part of the ROK Cup USA program and move into the future. You could have any of these engines just sitting around in the garage, or on the shelf in the trailer, collecting dust. Now you can trade in for the opportunity to purchase a new, high quality Vortex Engine that you will be able to race in the years to come.”

The Full Throttle Karting trade in program will take place now until July 31. All engines that are eligible for trade in must be operational, including any Rotax engine regardless of year, cylinder, or age level toward the ROK Micro, Mini and GP motors. There is also the option to trade in a Rotax DD2, TM 125, Maxter 125 or Honda CR125 for those looking to compete with the incredible Rok Shifter powerplant. All engine packages eligible for the trade in program need to be complete and include the engine itself, wire harness, all electronics, exhaust system and/or silencer, and radiators if they are supplied from the manufacturer when new. Engine components must not have any visible major damage.

Prices after the trade in are listed below and must be used towards the purchase of a brand new Vortex ROK engine package. (See form attached)

ROK Micro/Mini: $800.00+Tax/Shipping
ROK GP: $1200.00+Tax/Shipping
ROK Shifter: $2200.00+Tax/Shipping

“The Sanzaru Games Karting Championship in Northern California has added the ROK Cup USA categories to their program for 2017,” added Seesemann. “I am working directly with the Tri-C Karters here in Southern California to add the ROK GP engine in the Senior and Masters TaG categories as they already allow the ROK Mini in their TaG Cadet class. More tracks and clubs in the western half are in the process of adding the ROK engines to their platform. The Rok Shifter is the highest quality spec shifter engine in karting and with the uncertainty of the future of the current de facto shifter package, this is the perfect time to trade in that aging shifter engine.”

“News of a year-end west coast ROK Cup USA event is on the horizon, with now being the best time to take advantage of the trade in offer. This is an event racers will want to be part of, and acting now with the Vortex ROK trade in program puts you ahead of the pack.”

Interested customers can fill out the form HERE and send directly to Full Throttle Karting by Fax (714-289-0980) or email ftk51@sbcglobal.net For more information, please contact Andy Seesemann directly at 714-289-0432