Gatorz Karting Cup responds to customer requests and postpones June date at Grange Motor Circuit

June 14, 2010 (Orange, Calif.) – In a move done to ease the financial and logistical burden on the drivers and teams of the Gatorz Karting Cup, the series is announcing the postponement of the planned June 19 race at Grange Motor Circuit, the fifth round of the 2010 Gatorz Karting Cup.

The Rotax Pan American date at Newcastle Motorsports Park, which was held this past weekend one month before the Grand Nationals at the same facility, saw a large number of Gatorz Karting Cup drivers competing at the venue. To simplify logistics, many of those teams and drivers inquired about a date move for the Grange Motor Circuit to eliminate a cross-country trek with trucks, trailers, and karts, which would be necessary in order to answer the green flag this coming Saturday.

Closer to home, the pending IKF Grand Nationals at Willow Springs Kart Track led several local teams to ask the series about the possibility as well, as the IKF Grand Nationals, a hallmark event on the Southern California karting schedule, was putting an extra strain on local teams and drivers as well. This unique combination of circumstances led to the postponement of Grange.

“It is not typical for us to move or postpone a date, but our June 19 date at Grange was obviously going to be a problem for many of our series drivers and teams who have supported us throughout the year, and for several  years,” said series owner Andy Seesemann. “This year we have a special circumstance with the Grange date being right in the middle of Pan-Am and the Rotax Grand Nationals – which are only a month apart – and that would put a lot of strain on our drivers.  In times like these, we are going to bend over backwards to make sure that they are able to race and that’s what we have done.”

The series will make an announcement on the make-up date for round five of the Gatorz Karting Cup in the coming weeks.