Schedule Change for 2021 California ROK Championship

Adjustment in events provides best solution for teams and racers

The California ROK Championship is getting underway this weekend (May 7-8) with a two-day event at the Buttonwillow Raceway Park in Buttonwillow, California. ‘ROKkers’ from all over the west coast are enjoying the opening round of the third championship season. The program was scheduled to be a five event, six-round season in 2021, however, series officials have made an adjustment for the end of the year.

The fourth event was scheduled in August with the ROK Sonoma program at Sonoma Raceway. That event has now moved to the September 11-12 date, with the proposed September event at Buttonwillow removed from the schedule, creating a four event, five-round championship this year. Part of the reason for the updated schedule is to support the ROK Fest West event set for September 16-19 at Sonoma Raceway.

“Schedule changes are nothing new for us,” stated FTK Promotions owner Andy Seesemann. “We are always listening to our racers and finding the best solutions for everyone involved. Moving the August date to the September ROK Sonoma date now puts it back-to-back with the ROK Fest West event. Our customer base would prefer that instead of going three weekends in a row, thus abandoning the September date at Buttonwillow. The elimination of this one race weekend helps the west coast ROK community, and should boost the numbers for the two September events.”

The championship will now be updated to a best four of five rounds to be counted toward the final point standings. Title winners in all categories will earn a ticket to the ROK Vegas event, schedule for November 3-7, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2021 California ROK Championship Schedule

May 7-8: Buttonwillow Raceway Park – Buttonwillow, California
June 12-13: Sonoma Raceway – Sonoma, California
July 23-25: Pat’s Acres Racing Complex – Canby, Oregon
September 11-12: Sonoma Raceway – Sonoma, California

For complete information regarding the California ROK Championship and Challenge of the Americas, visit More information, videos and photos can also be found on the Facebook and Instagram page.

May 7-8, 2021 Buttonwillow Raceway Park online registration is OPEN

May 7-8, 2021 Buttonwillow Raceway Park online registration is OPEN
People have been asking about the 100cc classes for 2021 in the CRC. We allow BOTH the ROK VLR & IAME KA. Weights have changed slightly from CoTa earlier in the year. 100cc Junior remains at 310lbs for either engine, 100cc Senior is ROK VLR 350 lbs / IAME KA 360 lbs and 100cc Masters is ROK VLR 380 lbs / IAME KA-390 lbs. CRC will be running all the ROK GP and Shifter classes same as in Challenge of the Americas competition. “We are holding off for another season on running ROK only classes,” explains series promotor Andy Seesemann. “The popularity of the 100cc classes here in California is on the rise for both engine options and honestly has provided some of the best racing all year. Having both the ROK and IAME opens things up for more competitors, which is better for everyone.”
We encourage you to register online now for Round 1 of the 2021 CRC. Pre entry closing date is May 1. There is a $100 late registration fee for all entries posted after May 1 and in person at the event. Racers are asked to bring their own Sunoco Supreme fuel and Motul oil. No fuel or oil will be available for purchase through the California ROK Championship onsite. CRC asks you to purchase these items through your team or favorite kart shop. Practice tires, and transponders can be purchased as extras when registering via MOM.
Each driver who enters the event will receive their driver pass along with one other for a mechanic/helper. Extra pit passes will be available at the event.
Entry fee includes practice Friday and race on Saturday with one set of LeVanto tires for the class entered. We are a no paid pit spot series. Sponsors get priority on a first come, first served basis. Pit with your friends, pit with a team, or pit alone, it still costs you nothing.

GREEN-GREEN-GREEN – Wednesday practice is BACK ON. Enough people called texted or emailed The Track directly yesterday after our announcement went out and complained, so they have now flip-flopped on their decision and The Track will be open for practice next Wednesday I repeat the track will be open for practice on Wednesday. We are so sorry for this but the office people at the track don’t seem to know what’s actually happening at the track and what is possible. Let’s Rok Wednesday practice – Andy
Official practice begins on Friday and here is the event schedule.


Premium hand sanitizer company provides support to ROK Cup USA west coast programs for 2021

ORANGE, CA (January 14, 2021) – The 14th season for Challenge of the Americas is set to begin in just days with the 2021 opener scheduled for January 22-24 at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association. ROKKERS from all over the western half of North America will gather at the Glendale, Arizona facility to begin the three weekend, six-round championship. The very highly anticipated fourth season under the ROK Cup USA program is set to see record numbers once again after setting new series benchmarks in February last year.

This year’s Challenge of the Americas and the upcoming California ROK Championship this summer will have a new presenting sponsor – Royce & Baxter Premium Hand Sanitizer. Founded in early 2020, Royce & Baxter products are formulated to exceed CDC and FDA minimum guidelines for those who wish to live clean and stay safe. Their Premium Hand Sanitizer spray, currently available in four scents, kills germs on the skin in seconds plus offers long-lasting antimicrobial benefits. Royce & Baxter President Mike Guasch is a racer for over 40 years, having raced dirt track, jet skis, motocross and formula cars in the United States and most recently GT and Prototype endurance racing in the U.S. and Europe. Continue reading

Challenge of the Americas Ruling on Engines Permitted for 2021

Challenge of the Americas is moving forward with the same class structure for the 2021 season as the series contested in 2020. The ROK Cup USA and the ROK Promotions announced on December 16 a move to Vortex-only engines for their events in 2021, including the upcoming Florida Winter Tour. FTK Promotions owner Andy Seesemann confirmed with eKartingNews that the engines allowed for the 2021 Challenge of the Americas will not be changed from what has been published, more specifically the 100cc divisions.

“Our class structure is moving forward unchanged,” stated Seesemann. “The 100cc categories will include both the VLR engine and KA100, with the remainder of our categories following the ROK Cup ruleset. Of course, we have adapted to the new LeVanto KRT as the spec tire for all categories in 2021 and I look forward to its debut at our opening event in roughly one month.”

Seesemann added the many teams and competitors have received their first shipment of LeVanto tires, hitting the track for initial tests. Reviews have been very positive about the new tire for all divisions. The spec fuel will be Sonoco Supreme with Motul Kart Gran Prix as the spec oil for 2021.

Registration is now open for the first two rounds of the 2021 Challenge of the Americas on January 22-24 at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association in Glendale, Arizona. Head to challengekarting.comfor the registration link and all the information regarding the series and this summer’s California ROK Championship program.