Schedule and partnership with ROK Sonoma forms the four-event championship series under ROK Cup USA banner.

ORANGE, CA (December 23, 2019) – The California ROK Championship, launched in 2019, has become an outlet for ROK Cup USA drivers to enjoy a regional traveling series within the ‘Golden State’. As numbers increase across the state and throughout North America under the ROK Cup USA banner, the 2020 California ROK Championship program is expecting growth for the new season. The rise in support is due to the new partnership between FTK Promotions and ROK Sonoma to form a four-round championship program in 2020.

FTK Promotions, owner and promoter of the California ROK Championship and Challenge of the Americas, has formed the partnership with the ROK Sonoma program that compete monthly at the Simraceway Performance Karting Center at the Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California. The ROK Sonoma program will host two events that will count toward the California ROK Championship, with two other events hosted by FTK Promotions to form the four-event schedule for 2020. Continue reading

2020 Tucson Registration Open

Tucson online registration is now OPEN via the MOM Registration system.
If you are having issues with the online service or want to pay directly by check or credit card, you may do so by printing the Entry Form PDF below and mailing/faxing it to us. The pre-entry deadline still applies, any forms received after the pre-entry deadline will be assessed the late fee. PRE ENTRY DEADLINE IS JANUARY 10th, 2020


Entry Form PDF Download

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds for pre-entries. By entering I understand that there are no refunds once I pre-enter for an event. All items include applicable sales tax.


Season 13 scheduled for premier left coast winter series

ORANGE, CA (July 18, 2019) – As we turned the calendar on the first half of 2019, plans are underway for the 2020 karting season. Among the first programs to release a schedule for the upcoming racing calendar is Challenge of the Americas. The ROK Cup USA championship series is the premier left coast winter series, set to host the 13th season when action begins in January 2020.

“It is very exciting to be in the planning stages for the 13th season of Challenge of the Americas,” stated series promoter Andy Seesemann. “The program has evolved well with the move over to the ROK Cup USA format along with Bridgestone tires, and momentum is certainly building as we close out this season and look at 2020.” Continue reading


2019 Challenge of the Americas champions

Tickets to Rok Cup International Final and ROK the RIO handed out after series finale in Sonoma

ORANGE, CA (April 17, 2019) – The 12th season for Challenge of the Americas was wrapped up in style during the first weekend of April in Sonoma, California, completing the six-round championship chase. In a unique end to the season, all nine champions earned their first ever Challenge of the Americas titles. The 2019 campaign marked the second season that the premier left coast winter series utilized the Rok Cup USA engine platform and, as a highlight, the program enjoyed a second straight year of growth.

“I am excited about this year’s growth over the first year of the Challenge switching to Rok,” stated Challenge of the Americas owner Andy Seesemann. “Overall, entries were up more than 20% but, in reality, our Rok entries grew by almost 50% over last year, as we had Briggs 206 as part of the program last year adding to our total.  This is a huge win, as we are watching other programs in the West shrink every year.” Continue reading