Sonoma 2020 COVID-19 Update

Hello Everyone.

Obviously the book on COVID-19 added a few chapters over the past 24-48 hours. We are already looking at our options for the upcoming Challenge of the Americas event at Sonoma.

From the standpoint of my staff and myself, we are good to go. I am a realist when it comes to this stuff and refuse to panic, although I do respect everyone’s right to their own opinions. I know that all of our racers and teams have already made an investment and are concerned and curious to see how this plays out. Trust me, with prepaid plane tickets for staff, rental cars, hotel rooms, track rentals, insurance binders and $150,000 in tires and fuel en route to Sonoma, I know how you feel.

That being said, we are in discussions with the track. We will create a drop dead date, for lack of a better word, that the track can say “yay or nay” on the event. We will probably let things settle out over the weekend and make an additional statement on Monday with more solid information.

Obviously, we have no control what any county, state or Federal agency demands, as we are at their mercy. That is the real variable. I know that they are focusing on “events”, and ignoring every McDonalds and supermarket that sees many many more people each day than our event does.

Many of you have called or texted and I am not ignoring you. It would simply take me all day to answer each one of you individually and tell this exact same story. There are no further details available at this time, so please don’t call and ask for “anything more that I can share”.

Talk again on Monday and hopefully see you in two weeks at Sonoma!


California ROK Championship Updates 2020 Calendar

Schedule changes forces date movement for second season of ROK Cup USA regional program.

Momentum is high for ROK Cup USA racing to begin the 2020 season, including in the western half of North America with Challenge of the Americas setting new records into the new year. The second event for the program at CalSpeed Karting in February welcomed a record number of entries in the 13-year history of the program, with a similar forecast expected at the series finale at the end of the month. Series promoter Andy Seesemann is excited, as is all the ROKKERS along the west coast for what is becoming an exciting season.

To compliment the Challenge, Seesemann created the California ROK Championship in 2019. The program is gearing up for its second season this summer, providing ROKKERS an opportunity to take part in a fun, fair and professional traveling regional program. Prior to the end of the 2019 calendar, the program announced the 2020 schedule, featuring four events from May to September. Since then, circumstances have forced officials to update the schedule to avoid conflicts with surrounding karting programs. Continue reading

Challenge of the Americas Offers ‘Crazy Andy’ Sale for CalSpeed

ROK GP and Mini ROK engine and entry deals for second event of series

The ROK Cup USA Challenge of the Americas opened up the 2020 season in Tucson, Arizona at the Musselman Honda Circuit on January 24-26. A total of 107 entries competed in the 10 categories, featuring a staggering 35 shifterkart entries. Numbers are expected to increase across the board for the second event of the series, set for February 21-23 at CalSpeed Karting in Fontana, California. The 2019 edition saw a record high of entries under the ROK Cup USA banner.

Factors surrounding the entry total in certain categories were the graduation of Cadet drivers to Junior, and Junior drivers moving to the Shifter Senior ROK category. To help fill the gap of the graduating drivers, Challenge promoter Andy Seesemann is providing a combination sale for the ROK GP and Mini ROK engines. Continue reading

CalSpeed Registration Open

CalSpeed online registration is now OPEN via the MOM Registration system.
If you are having issues with the online service or want to pay directly by check or credit card, you may do so by printing the Entry Form PDF below and mailing/faxing it to us. The pre-entry deadline still applies, any forms received after the pre-entry deadline will be assessed the late fee. PRE ENTRY DEADLINE IS February 14th, 2020


Entry Form PDF Download

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds for pre-entries. By entering I understand that there are no refunds once I pre-enter for an event. All items include applicable sales tax.


Schedule and partnership with ROK Sonoma forms the four-event championship series under ROK Cup USA banner.

ORANGE, CA (December 23, 2019) – The California ROK Championship, launched in 2019, has become an outlet for ROK Cup USA drivers to enjoy a regional traveling series within the ‘Golden State’. As numbers increase across the state and throughout North America under the ROK Cup USA banner, the 2020 California ROK Championship program is expecting growth for the new season. The rise in support is due to the new partnership between FTK Promotions and ROK Sonoma to form a four-round championship program in 2020.

FTK Promotions, owner and promoter of the California ROK Championship and Challenge of the Americas, has formed the partnership with the ROK Sonoma program that compete monthly at the Simraceway Performance Karting Center at the Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California. The ROK Sonoma program will host two events that will count toward the California ROK Championship, with two other events hosted by FTK Promotions to form the four-event schedule for 2020. Continue reading