Southern California readies for the start of the 2015 SoCal Challenge

So-CalchallengeLogo2015Now that the 2015 Challenge of the Americas series has concluded it is time for FTK Promotions to focus on local competition. In a little over one month, the

SoCal Challenge will begin its season at the CalSpeed Kart Track on Saturday, May 9th, with a one day event.  It will return to CalSpeed 6 weeks later with a “2 days, 2 ways” format, where the track will be run one direction on Saturday and run the reverse direction on Sunday.  This will be the first time either configuration will be run all year, thus giving no competitors any advantage.  After taking July off, the SoCal Challenge will trek to the World Famous Adams Kart Track for an August 22nd night event to be held in conjunction with the So-Cal Sprinters.  The finale will be held back at CalSpeed on Sunday, October 25th.

“It has been a busy winter for me and it will good to get back to grass roots racing,” says series promoter Andy Seesemann. “I can’t wait to get back to the local tracks and have some low stress races.”

As previously announced, SoCal Challenge will run all the Rotax Max Challenge approved classes, plus a few additional to give a variety of engine owners the opportunity to race.

SoCal Challenge Classes 2015:
Rotax – Junior, Senior, DD2, Masters, Mini, Micro, DD2 Masters

Honda KidKart – Honda KidKart is a great spec class to get the youngest competitors their start in karting This popular class will be run for the the second year with the series and offers a motor package to the series champion.

Mini Rok – The locally orphaned Mini Rok class was added to give those local racers who were abandoned by aother organization a place to come and race without having to buy a new engine. OTK USA has offered two MiniRok International Finals spots to help promote the class for 2015.

Rok Shifter – Rok Shifter was added for those that prefer a purpose built engine for their shifter kart experience. The series champion will earn a trip to the Rok International Finals thanks to OTK USA.

LO206 – LO206 has gained some traction around the US as a very low cost entry point into our sport.  With all of the focus on higher-level sprint karting lately, the budget racer has been ignored. The Lo206 program is the best way to bring new blood into the sport and offer veteran racers a class with an affordable price point.

NO official practice days

NO stamped tires

NO expensive number panel rules

FREE pitspots

ON site registration

SoCal Challenge are low stress, fun filled, family events like local karting should be.”

Please stay tuned for future announcements regarding LO206 rules and any special offers relating to the Rok Shifter class. Entry forms and information available @