Supplemental Rules Update 1-22-14

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Supplemental Rules and Regulations

The Micro Max exhaust pipe is to be installed following the description below:

a) No modification of any kind is allowed to the exhaust socket or exhaust pipe

b) Damage or distortion of the exhaust pipe flange and socket is not permitted

c) Exhaust pipe flange and socket shape must be concentric

d) Exhaust pipe must be mounted so that it is centered on the exhaust socket with even spacing all around

e) Exhaust pipe must be installed firmly using rigid pipe mount. The rigid pipe mount to the chassis bracket is to use 2 undamaged silent blocks. The deflection of the 2 silent blocks is the only pipe movement allowed. The pipe must be mounted in a neutral position with no stress on the 2 silent blocks

f) Use of silicone sealant is mandatory. The use of RED or Orange Silicone is required.

g) The use of 4 attachment springs (pipe to exhaust flange) is mandatory

h) As per section 5.3, leakage will not be tolerated.

Must be mounted on the seat back.

All bodywork must remain installed and intact during all competition sessions until technical inspection. Dislodged bodywork is grounds for disqualification.

For measuring the exhaust gas temperature, it is allowed to weld on a socket of the exhaust in an area of 50 – 80 mm from the ball joint.